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David First, The World Casio Quartet

The Complete Gramavision Session (1989)

Label: Pogus Productions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Pogus Productions is proud to release The Complete Gramavision Session by The World Casio Quartet, composer David First’s 1980s microtonal group. The members of the group were David First, Esther Sandrof, and Brian Charles, all playing Casio CZ-1000’s and Kevin Sparke on a Casio CZ-101. I had the opportunity to see them perform once or twice back then, and it was indeed a magical and mind-bending thing to experience. Now, finally, with this release, everyone can have a listen as well.
Here’s what others said about the World Casio Quartet:
"First’s World Casio Quartet paints the air with sweet-sour chordal splashes that dissolve slowly into transparent harmonics. First describes these pieces as “justly intoned compositions that are not tied to any one tonal center,” but others may call them Martian traffic jams, and tuneful ones at that." (Mark Dery, Keyboard Magazine)

Cat. number: Pogus 21084
Year: 2016

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