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Tripping India

If, Bwana

Tripping India

Label: Pogus Productions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Consisting of 3 compositions, Tripping India is the 3rd If, Bwana release on Pogus. On this recording If, Bwana is joined by, among others, Paul Marotta (Styrenes/Electric Eels/Mirrors) on 3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad, a conceptual work for 3 different pianists, playing 3 different pianos at 3 different times to the same tape. The final version is for 3 pianists, no tape. PR-DR is an electroacoustic work for processed/manipulated percussion. The title piece combines audio "snapshots" of a wandering through India with multiple tracks of manipulated and processed drums and percussion. The end result is an "audio travelogue for 2 (highly) manipulated percussionists.

Cat. number: P21013-2
Year: 1997

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