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Secluded Bronte

Secluded in Jersey City

Label: Pogus Productions

Format: maxi CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Well talk about your long gestations for a project. Secluded in Jersey City, by Secluded Bronte was recorded live on WFMU in November of 2002. And we spoke about releasing this on Pogus pretty quickly after that. So to take twelve years to release a CD is a pretty long time. But it was most certainly worth the wait. This trio features Jonathan and Adam Bohman with the added experimental irreverence of Richard Thomas. The Bohman Brothers are known for their unique live performances mixing theatre, speech and sounds made from a Heath-Robinson-style array of found objects connected to microphones and laptops. 'It's hard to describe the raw, explosive audio art they perpetrate. Everyday objects and sounds are worked on until they become saturated with lurid suggestion, resulting in a bizarre, hysterical immediacy in the traditions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the Bohman Brothers kitchen-sink realism laughs at the grand claims of lofty art. They will show you fear in a sponge from a drainer.' (Ben Watson in The Wire).

Cat. number: Pogus 21075
Year: 2014

This CD is 22 minutes and 24 seconds in length. This release packaging comes folded into quarters, ending up as a 5 ½” x 5 ½” brochure style booklet (liner notes inside), with the CD in a paper sleeve, all inserted into re-sealable plastic sleeves. There is no jewel case, tray card etc. There is a bar code.

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