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Andrew Liles

The miraculous mechanical monster

Label: Dirter Promotions

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

'The Miraculous Mechanical Monster is the latest addition to the ever growing and highly collectible 'Monster' series from Andrew Liles. The Miraculous Mechanical Monster is in part a concept LP that tells a tale of malfunctioning robots, monsters and bizarre sex. With robotic narration throughout, the story can be followed by reading the text on the back of the LP. As with all of Andrew Liles' output this LP fits into no established musical genre and is arguably one of his strangest and most exotic recordings." Label info

Cat. number: DPROMLP77
Year: 2010

Note from the label: The Miraculous Mechanical Monster will only be released as an edition of 500 green vinyl LP's. The LP comes wrapped in a semi pornographic, slick, super glossy and incredibly thick sleeve. This LP will not be re-pressed or released in any format ever again.

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