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Blusens Fasong - 1
Blusens Fasong - 2
Blusens Fasong - 3
File under: Outsider Art

Gaute Granli

Blusens Fasong (LP)

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

** Limited edition of 300 copies. Includes an insert, download code and a UE sticker. **The Norwegian wunderking of demented psychedelic song (de)structure is backwith a fantastic collection of soft madness. His Animalskt LP was played in the UE office until you could see through it. Gaute Granli is a one man band, taking a complete stranger with thirsty ears by the nose to leave him/her/them behind, confused and hungry for more recognizable hope. There's a constant form of recognition going on here in these 8 stretched songs, these strange flirts with folk music you think you know from somewhere, vocals that don't sound like they consist of words one knows, and pop parts that are stripped by a psychedelic gnome messing with loop pedals. Although everything magically works, and made it into a song structure of sorts, a melancholic almost religious dust of desperation sits uncomfortably on all these tunes, like a frog that was already licked on the back.

File under: Outsider Art
Cat. number: UE299
Year: 2021

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