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Bella Band

Bella Band

Label: Cramps Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

first-ever reissue of a 1978 jazz-rock album on Cramps and comes in a nice digi-pack. "These Italian guys were playing a really awesome jazz fusion on their one and only album. Excellent musicianship with lots of (reeds) and a fantastic guitar playing. All tracks on this unfortunately rather short album (well it has still been in the vinyl era!) are just brilliant. This completely unknown Italian band with a name, from which you wouldn't expect anything interesting created with their only album a really excellent one I'd like to recommend to anyone liking jazz and intricate but accessible jazz-fusion with an awesome musicianship! This little lost gem is absolutely worth 4.5 stars!"

Cat. number: 0169252CRA
Year: 2012

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