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Jean-Claude ELOY

Between concrete and abstract. Gaku-no-michi


Format: BOOK

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For those who loves the piece, this is a nice way to learn more about it. For those who don't know it yet, it will be a good introduction to listen to it. Gaku-no-Michi is an electro-acoustic work of wide proportions realised in 1977-78 at the Denshi Ongaku Studio (electronic music studio) of NHK radio (Nippon Hoso Kyokai), Tokyo. This work has been programed in numerous countries by various modern music festivals, as a full evening concert, from 1978 to 2006. This publication is made of a group of varied texts published in different programs of festivals between 1978 and 2001. Text n¡ 35 (1978) : Gaku-no-Michi : evolution and outcomes (revised version). Program of the Rencontres Internationales d'Art Contemporain, La Rochelle. Text n¡ 36e (1978) : Gaku-no-Michi Program of the Rencontres Internationales d'Art Contemporain, La Rochelle. Text n¡ 37 (1979) : Gaku-no-Michi Salle Wagram Program of the Festival d'Automne à Paris (off festival 1979). Text n¡ 38 (1979) : Gaku-no-Michi (Ways of Music). Introduction text of the complete version, written for the festival Music Today in Tokyo, and for the cover of the recordings published by Adès. Republished under various versions inside all the programs where the work was presented.. Text n¡ 38b (1992) : Gaku-no-Michi Programm of the festival Inventionen 92, Berlin. Text n¡ 64 (2001) : Music Beyond Sight (on Gaku-no-Michi) Program of the Festival des 38e Rugissants, Grenoble. With an unpublished hommage to : Wataru Uenami, former director of the musical program and electronic music studio of N.H.K. Tokyo, text n¡ 67 (2003) and a totaly new unpublished text : 'Between concrete and abstract' (about 'Gaku-no-Michi') first interview with Avaera text n¡ 68 (2004). With photographies and reproductions of calligraphies made for Gaku-no-Michi.

Cat. number: 9782919133017
Year: 2010
Genre: Electronic

English version.