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Jean-Claude Eloy


Label: Hors Territories

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Gaia-Songs” (1992 - revision 2015). Songs for the other half of the sky n° V - VI. For a soprano (or mezzo-soprano) solo and an actress voice (Sprechgesang technique) with electro-acoustic (fixed sounds). Anne-Lisa Nathan, mezzo-soprano. Helena Rüegg, actress voice. “First there’s this relation between sung voices and spoken voices with regard to the electro-acoustic parts. The sung voice is quite often separated from the electro-acoustical parts accompanying it. They may sometimes overlap each other but rather briefly. Those parts often highlight octave ratios, fifth ratios, thirdratios, etc. Hence more harmonious and consonant acoustic ratios. By contrast thespoken voice fullt covers the electro-acoustic parts dedicated to it and made out of more complex material. Hence more dissonant acoustic ratios turned towards noises spectrums.” (J.C. Eloy from the liner notes)

Cat. number: HT 26-27
Year: 2017

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