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Jean-Claude Eloy

Yo-In (1980)

Label: Hors Territories

Format: 4CD Box

Genre: Electronic

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restocked! first world publication for the seminal Yo-In (1980) an electro-acoustic work produced in Japan and revisited by the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in 1981. “Sound Theater for an imaginary rite”. Yo-Inleads to a sort of “celebration-ritualization of the day of man on Earth”.
Jean-Claude Eloy discovered the meaning of Yo-In by going deeper into the culture of Japan where he had been invited by Toru Takemitsu in 1970: “Yo-In, echo, rhyme, resonance, psychic reverberation”. Karheinz Stockhausen quickly valued Jean-Claude Eloy and has always supported him.  Close universes, long-term works. Four acts for Reverberations “in an unusual context". Performed by Michael Ranta (solo percussionist) and Jean-Claude Eloy (electroacoustic projection, synchronisation, mixings). Recorded during a public concert given at the Warsaw Autumn festival Polish-Radio, Warsaw, September, 1994
"I look at my watch for the first time: it has been four hours since I entered the sanctuary and I have not left my seat. Actually, nowadays few musical pieces are capable of keeping the audience awake that long. 'Yo-In' does not just capture our attention through a mere act of hypnosis, through the spellbinding magic of sounds or through some hovering dizziness [...] 'Yo-In' is not born from a  land of oblivion but from the realm of consciousness. Here, once time has been stretched by the long, evolving scores, one becomes much more accessible and open, extremely receptive to the  many specific and complex events that follow one another, overlap, intermingle and combine with one another in a wonderfully mastered development. […]" J.C. Eloy
Deluxe edition, 4xCD + 160pp book in english

Yo-In (1980)
Cat. number: 9782919133024
Year: 2011

Deluxe edition, 4xCD + 160pp book in english
YO-IN (1980) "Reverberations" / "Réverbérations"

Sound theater for an imaginary ritual, in four acts
Théâtre sonore pour un rituel imaginaire, en quatre actes

Electro-acoustic production: Institut of Sonology, Utrecht
Production électroacoustique : Institut de Sonologie, Utrecht

Version for "Asian sound" (Köln) / Version pour "Asian sound" (Cologne)
Performed by Michael W. Ranta (percussions) and JeanClaude Eloy (électro-acoustic)
Interpreté par Michael W. Ranta (percussions) et Jean-Claude Eloy (électroacoustique)

Live recording from the "Warsaw Autumn" festival 1994 (Polish-Radio)
Enregistré en concert au festival "Automne de Varsovie" 1994 (Radio-Polonaise)

- Act/Acte I : Dawn. Morning call. Ritual of imploring / Aube. Appel. Rituel d'imploration.
- Act/Acte II : Noon. Unification. Ritual of absorption, integration / Midi. Unification. Rituel d'absorption, d'intégration.
- Act/Acte III : Twilight. Meditation. Ritual of contemplation / Crépuscule. Méditation. Rituel de contemplation.
- Act/Acte IV : Night. Exorcism. Ritual of liberation / Nuit. Exorcisme. Rituel de libération.

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