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Chamber Works - excerpt 1
Chamber Works - excerpt 2
Chamber Works - excerpt 3
Chamber Works - excerpt 4

Luiz Henrique Yudo, Apartment House

Chamber Works

Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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Five chamber works by the Brazilian/Dutch composer Luiz Henrique Yudo, realised with brilliance by Apartment House. Each piece is the transcription into sound of a visual work of art.

Luiz Henrique Yudo is a Brazilian-born composer now living in Amsterdam. He composes by transposing visual works of art into sound. “Music coming from structures, labyrinths, alphabets, codes, patterns, architecture, paintings, drawings, sculptures…” The pieces on the CD are wonderfully realised by Apartment House, who have championed his music in recent years. “What drew me in was the sheer eloquence and beauty of the works I heard, before having seen the scores, which are themselves works of art.” (Anton Lukoszevieze, Apartment House)

Cat. number: at150
Year: 2020

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