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Michel DONEDA, Joris RUHL



Format: CD

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Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone and radio. Joris Rühl, clarinet. 'Le Linge was my grandparents' old farm in the East of France. It is there, in the barn full of old hay, abandoned wasp nests, murmurs and memories, in its sweltering, dusty heat, that we played for three days and recorded several sequences. We had no precise direction in mind for the record. We focused on the present moment, and then on the next. The barn's structure elegantly cracked with the wind, and the church bells brought the appropriate cliché close to the recording. We ate Munster cheese and gazed at the stars.' Joris Rühl. 'This album is an arrangement of several improvisation sessions. Joris made a first selection taking into consideration the technical and musical quality of the different sound takes. Then we conceived and reconstructed the music in order to shape it for the specific listening of the CD called 'Liunge'. The music has not been radically changed. We only tried to bring out the very special and organic spirit of these sessions recorded in the overheated barn. We went back-and-forth a few times between listening and editing before ending up with this proposition.' Michel Doneda

Cat. number: umfrcd 07
Year: 2013
Genre: Jazz
File under: avant