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Simmetrie di Ritorno - 1
Simmetrie di Ritorno - 2

Giuliano D'Angiolini

Simmetrie di Ritorno

Label: Edition RZ

Format: CD digipack deluxe

Genre: Compositional

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Finally available! Six compositions for chamber ensembles performed the Ensemble 2e2m by Giuliano D’Angiolini, ethnomusicologist and composer  who "is a positively unique figure in contemporary music. His profound, well-conceived and stubborn take on music has led him to what he calls »impersonal« music — music that has fully abandoned the idea of development or form. Through successive states of presentation, which aim to elucidate, d’Angiolini wanted to leave place in sound so that music could become less voluntary«. This led him to favour the surface and present, an approach that was by no means superficial: the surface as the immediacy in the propositional content of sound and the present as the very surface of the criterion of time. In his work, musical process and material are but one and are completely laid bare. What we are to hear is non-discursive, deliberately lacking formal organization. We are even free to turn away and come back of our own will — as if the composer wanted to make positive use of the negative metamorphosis of today’s urban listeners, listeners who are constantly assailed with stimuli.” Gérard Pesson

Cat. number: RZ 10020
Year: 2011

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