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John Cage, Terry Fox

High Fidelity (2Lp)

Label: Edition RZ

Format: 2LP + Book

Genre: Sound Art

In stock


Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a 36-page catalogue. The first LP is John Cage Speaks MUREAU by John Cage, its title assembled from the first syllable of the word "music" and the author's name "Thoreau." Malte Hubrig writes "The performance of Mureau -- its letters, syllables and words read by John Cage in a uniform intonation of the voice -- frees language of its meaning and opens it to sound." The second LP is Terry Fox's Culvert, a performance that took place at the University of Montana in 1977. "The performance lasted 24 hours and was divided into two unequal parts: in the first 3 hours Fox, accompanied by two students, took the rowboat to the middle of the 100-foot long, 6-foot high culvert, where they improvised on the instruments. In the remaining 21 hours, Fox stayed alone in the rowboat running a wooden baton around the rim of a saucepan lid to the point of exhaustion... The mutual dependencies of sound and surroundings -- the space itself is a resonant body -- constitute for Fox the fundamental esthetic concept of the musical sculpture. The sculptural treatment of sound -- which, in its immediacy, dialectically carries the concrete spatial situation over into the dimension of time -- opens a continuous progression in which the acoustic sculpture as a process unfurls."

Cat. number: RZ 9006/9007 2LP
Year: 2008

Comes in gatefold with a 36-page catalogue (ISBN: 978-3-88609-647-3). Limited Edition of 1000 copies. The recordings and catalogue were released in conjunction with the exhibition HIGH FIDELITY Artists' Records in the Marzona Collection.

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