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Label: Edition RZ

Format: double CD digipack

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A documentary of pieces performed at the Inventionen Festival in Berlin, 1998. Features: Unsuk Chin, Patrick Kosk, Werner Cee, Francois Donato, Robin Minard, Wolfgang Mitterer, Francis Dhomont, Erik Mikael Karlsson, Trevor Wishart. "Not as much as a bringer-up to speed (or yet another history lesson at that) as a fine cache of current keepers of the crop. New ('93-98), complete pieces from Trevor Wishart (northern-UK composer/programmer known and loved these days for his mid-70's works such as Menagerie and Beach Singularity ALMOST as much as for his pioneering spectral synthesis software method CDP), Francis Dhomont (INA-GRM stalwart, recent CD Frankenstein on Asphodel rocks...), Patrick Kosk (as seen on the RZ 3004 LP of Finnish Musique Concrete), François Donato (INA ditto), Robin Minard, Erik Michael Karlsson (Swedish EMS agent), Werner Cee, Unsuk Chin, and Wolfgang Mitterer. The perfect mix of analogue tape and computer-medium concerns, very strong efforts from all involved." -- Hrvatski.

Cat. number: RZ 10009/10
Year: 1999
Genre: Electronic