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Dredd Foole

Blues Sermon With Congregation


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Folk

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The first vinyl document of the Dredd and MV & EE collab recordings, this is a reissue of two deep sides originally released in 2004, as companion volumes to Kissing the Contemporary Bliss, in extremely limited runs. The sessions behind this record represent a singular apex of high in the catalogs of both Dredd Foole and MV & EE, where the playing and being of each of the three individuals involved coalesces into a singularly cosmic perception and extrapolation of the blues doctors' truth, while simultaneously, individual sonorities and specialities drive their own Cadillac. A major work of contemporary psychedelic blues in its own right, a truly rare sighting of Dredd Foole on wax, this LP is also an essential piece of the puzzle for COM enthusiasts; this is a key document of the star-gobbling sound MV & EE were toying with as their private universe back in the early-mid oughts, including such sides as 'Lunar Blues' and 'Cosmic Dust and the Electrobeam Hermit Thrush.' Like those albums, MV's patented 'spectrasound' techniques are on full display, creating a dazzling living environment in which Dredds otherworldly and piercingly free vocals orbit. Classic and singular psychedelic visioning, the sound here has almost has no known parallels I can think of, outside of Buckley/Underwood, or possibly Robbie Basho, but just gone.

Cat. number: HUM 1003
Year: 2012

with MV & EE
produced by matt valentine
restoration/LP remastering matt valentine
@ maximum arousal farm 2012
art direction: erika elder
photo by pi

originally released in 2004
on heroine celestial agriculture
as compendium discs/digital 78's to
"kissing the contemporary bliss" (COM 17)

these were C.O.M. 17H3 & C.O.M. 17H4