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paolo modugno

Brise D'automne (2Lp)
€ 35.00
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paolo modugno - Brise D'automne (2Lp)

paolo modugno

Brise D'automne (2Lp)

€ 35.00

LABEL: Archeo Recordings
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LPx2 | CATALOG N. AR 008G | YEAR. (2017)

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Last copies, sold-out at source. Joining their growing catalog of unearthed Italian gems, we’re overjoyed to announce Archeo Recordings’ expanded reissued of Paolo Modugno’s brilliant long lost album Brise D'Automne. A member of the legendary multi-media performance collective O.A.S.I., a singular composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Paolo Modugno’s work stands tall within the incredible canon of recordings to emerge in the hands of the 1980’s Italian experimental avant-garde - a hybrid of countless musical traditions from across the globe, joined with experimental electroacoustic practice, and the deep ambiences of New Age.

Brise D'Automne - originally issued in 1988 on the coveted Stile Libero imprint, is a work without proximity - a Trojan horse embedding it sonic challenges beneath a deceptively accessible skin. Across its sides, complex rhythms and repetitive patterns penetrate ethereal sonic space - sculpting a largely unexplored middle ground between the efforts of Midori Takada, Futuro Antico, Uakti, and the world of pop - a strange rethinking of late Minimalism as it has been rarely heard. With vast reference and touchstone - from the indigenous vocal traditions of Africa, to the instrumental metronomy of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Brise D'Automne rises as one of the truly striking works of its era - engrossing, challenging, and remarkably beautiful. A long sought after gem, returning to vinyl for the first time since its original issue, Archeo Recordings’ has pulled out the stops - presenting a hand-numbered limited edition of 500, accompanying the original LP with a bonus 12”, containing 2 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. Not to be missed. Grab it fast, before it’s gone again for good.

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This release is individually 500 hand-numbered limited edition with the ORIGINAL 1988 LP + a SPECIAL BONUS 12"", containing 2 tracks previously unreleased on vinyl.

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