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Can We Win - excerpt


Can We Win (Tape)

Label: Regional Bears

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Shots Bring It In. Due to weather, noise complaints, lack of time, artistic choice, or some combination thereof, Shots’ myriad instrumentation moves indoors. On Can We Win the characteristic outdoor resonance of previous releases is replaced by a tighter, more enclosed environment. The sound sources remain varied as ever, but the running water, somnambulistic percussion, and rupturing metal in play are enfolded in an intimate domestic acoustic space, making for a considered and engaging listen.” - Christian Mirande
"I am familiar with Shots via the Kye CD compilation Nice Weather For War, but I do not know much more about them. 'Them' because it certainly sounds like more than one person, but, of course, who knows? The music on this tape is either of the 'plink-plonk' school of Euro Improv or The New Blockaders 'play the shed' school, depending on your viewpoint. Either way, this is a nice tape of rummaging about. There are a few very occasional scraping sounds that are loud and very New Blockaders, but most of the music is much more low key. Besides the acoustic fidgeting, there is the occasional very primitive electronic sound as well as an actual drum kit near the end of side 2. If you like this sort of thing, this is a great tape. I don't like this sort of thing nearly as much as I used to, but I liked Can We Win" (Swill Radio)
Cat. number: RB09
Year: 2018

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