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Kallt Kaffe - excerpt


Kallt Kaffe (Tape)

Label: Regional Bears

Format: TAPE

Genre: Noise

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Dan Johansson, Matthias Andersson, and Erik Nystrand blasting all the way off as they’re known to do, guaranteed to please the throng of superfans. "Heinz Hopf is a trio of Matthias Andersson, Dan Johansson, and Erik Nystrand. You have seen all these names before in these pages. Heinz Hopf is a Harsh Noise project for sure. The emphasis is on feedback, amp/mic abuse style. There are a few more or less subdued moments, but for the most part, this is Noise City. I cannot get all that enthused about this as I have heard this sort of music for many, many years and, while I certainly have my favourites I revisit from time to time, I do not really need to hear new music like this. At the same time, this is quite well done and I think it is sort of fun that people still bother to do music like this. It does not sound like it was done on a computer. Two side long tracks. No waiting." Swill radio
Cat. number: RB05
Year: 2018

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