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Les Aborigenes - - 1
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Gli Aborigeni

Canti E Danze Dell'Australia Del Nord (LP)

Label: Universo Musica

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

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* Original 1980 copies * Aboriginal musicians receive songs both from an eternal realm known as The Dreaming and from the ghosts of deceased ancestors. The music of the aborigines--known as "wangga"--rests "on cosmologies and ways of being that are radically different from those shared" by the majority of Australians and others from Western, modernized cultures. Music is primarily sung during ceremonial rites of passage and funeral rituals. Singers may occasionally be accompanied by the droning rhythmic patterns of the didjeridu (didgeridoo), a long, tubular wind instrument usually made from eucalyptus wood, or by sticks.

Rad and dope! All you need for a better living.

Cat. number: FD344
Year: 1980

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