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Chordis Et Machina - excerpt

Christian Rønn, Ikue Mori

Chordis Et Machina (Lp)

Label: Resipiscent

Format: LP

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Ikue Mori and Christian Rønn are twin masters of unrule, radically attuned to time and sound, invoking the personhood of space and object, chordis et machina, as you'll soon discover once their music gets loose in your own environ. “Endless probing that hooks into your neurons, this album leaves sonic organisms floating around you. Even if that's merely an illusion, the alchemy of Mori and Rønn’s hyperactive stew is very real.” -Marc Masters 

Laid down at Elektron Musik Studion (EMS) in Stockholm, this is no meandering muddiness, the precision and responsiveness of their heady collaboration steps swiftly from fine grit distortions to leaky sinewaves, sweeping from the playfully melodic to the seriously xenomorphic. As prepared-piano hammers against braiding electronics, each possibility unfurls the next. Tossed out from the final groove, you'll hike up your needle and want to plunge right back in.
Cat. number: RSPT050
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic