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Best of 2016

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Best of 2016

Af Ursin

Classement Vertical

Label: Ultra Eczema

Format: LP

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In any constellation: with In Camera (his duo with Christoph Heemann), Noise-maker's Fifes (A Belgian Audio-visual collective, active between 1989 and 2006) Elodie (his duo with Andrew Chalk), as a duo with Belgian percussionist Kris Vanderstraeten, in Nivritti Marga (with Frédérique Bruyas and Raymond Dijkstra), as a live member of Nurse With Wound, and most recently with Sloow Tapes' Bart De Paepe as Ilta Hämärä. Anything the Belgian-Finnish walking improv encyclopedia that is Timo van Luijk touches changes into ear candy! The kind of sugar the children of the revolution getout of bed for, whilst their parents are sleeping off their trips to other dimensions. Af Ursin has been van Luijk's solo moniker since around 1990. Apersonal venture inspired by the forest and nature, mountains of experimental music, and the instruments surrounding him and his rural Flanders base. His multi-instrumentalist abilities are largely spread out on this odd addition to Af Ursin's catalogue. Classement Vertical retains Af Ursin's well-documented (primarily via van Luijk's La Scie Dorée imprint) palette of ols and obscure instruments: a sound that appears to have been recorded on top of an old clock, though in this instance time is indeed in a warp. The record commences with a side-long piece that slowly creeps from psychedelic free jazz to a big band sound, whilst the second side is split between a spatial slow dripper and a wild way to bury Dave Brubeck forever... Limited to 300 copies with insert."

Cat. number: UE205
Year: 2016