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Jon Gibson

Criss X Cross

Label: Tzadik

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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this legendary album was recorded in 1979 and has been the stuff of legend ever since, so it is great to finally hear it in all it’s glory. A crucial, early concert that was beautifully recorded live in the Sorbonne Cathedral of Paris in 1979 and remains one of the most brilliant examples of Gibson's unique and hypnotic solo performances. I must say there is an element to this music which sounds beautifully theatrical, like the most wonderful, mysterious piece of theatre you could ever wish to see, a performance just for you – something about the recording makes it sound like Gibson is playing to an empty hall. A record well worth exploring further...Since 1973 Jon Gibson has been making startlingly beautiful solo music for saxophone and flute that owes nothing to the jazz tradition. One of the original musicians for the first generation minimalists, Jon is the only player to have been a member of the ensembles of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, LaMonte Young and Philip Glass, with whom he has been working for over thirty years.
Cat. number: TZ 8020
Year: 2009

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