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Cumulo Nimbus - excerpt 1
Cumulo Nimbus - excerpt 2
Cumulo Nimbus - excerpt 3
Cumulo Nimbus - excerpt 4
File under: Jazz-Funk

Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight

Cumulo Nimbus (LP)

Label: Jazzman Records

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**1000 numbered copies** Jazzman Records presents a reissue of Forty Times Its Own Weight's Cumulo Nimbus, originally issued in 1975 and presented here as Number 28 in the Jazzman Holy Grail Series. Fable is a small independent record label started in Austin, Texas in the early 1970s by a young trombone player named Michael Mordecai. In autumn 1975 he debuted a trio of albums by Austin bands; with only 1000 of each pressed, and each carrying a different emphasis on soul, funk or jazz, all three have gone on to become highly sought-after by collectors and DJs around the world. Jazzman met with Michael at its UK offices and over several hours he told the label the highs and lows of running Fable Records, leaving no stone unturned, with success and tragedy in equal measure. Jazzman also spoke with members of all three bands, and they shared interesting stories and cool anecdotes of the wild times in the mid-70s when their records were made. The label acquired informative press cuttings and some awesome posters and flyers, compiling them in a booklet.... LP is housed in a US-style tip-on sleeve.

File under: Jazz-Funk
Cat. number: JMAN 112LP
Year: 2019