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Delay Music - excerpt 1
Delay Music - excerpt 2
Delay Music - excerpt 3
Delay Music - excerpt 4

Slow Attack Ensemble

Delay Music (LP)

Label: Reliable Effects

Format: LP

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**111 copies, DMM Pressing** Delay Music is a collection of minimal music for fretless bass, sampled mallet instruments, electric guitar and a delay system, performed by Slow Attack Ensemble, aka Canadian producer Chuck Blazevic. Blazevic’s spare melodies float through variable length delays in a muted, ethereal style, scouting solitary time lag spaces and wistful after images of records past: cascading fretless bass lines and space echo harmonics find inspiration in Orchestra of the Eighth Day’s At the Last Gate, while the formless guitar style is a bit like ‘80s era Suso Saiz at his most minimal. Includes a version of Luigi Maramotti’s After Noon, originally from the 1986 Italian private press LP Knot Music and reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s more plaintive melodies.
Cat. number: +fx-001
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic