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Click Click

Demos 1982 (12'')

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Originally released on tape as Demo Winter 82, the Luton-based siblings’ debut preserves a remarkably well developed, innovative take on then-emergent styles; whether short-circuiting synth-pop with “real” drums, or rewiring post-punk without guitars, they evidently eked a distinctive style from that era’s creative uprising.

From the top, Exit sounds like a strange hybrid of The Human League and The Buzzcocks, whereas the swaggering, pulsating Documents pits tribal toms and breathless vox recalling Wire in a strangely off-centre but driving dancefloor ace beside the nervy, gothic EBM propulsion and pained expression of It Doesn’ t Hurt.

The most dramatic piece is also the album’s slowest, with the creepy, furrowed paranoia of Warfare’s noirish sci-fi pads and urgent delivery giving way to the grimacing EBM jag, Hand’s Fall Backward, before heading off at a perfect angle with an unmissable cover of Chuck Berry’s Around & Around.

Cat. number: VODDJ2
Year: 2017

V-O-D dig out and dust down Click Click’s addictive, unique British EBM and synth-pop songs from Demos 1982 for a first ever vinyl issue.

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