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Common Eider, King Eider

Earth Liver

Label: La Delirante

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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New full-length from San Francisco based Common Eider, King Eider. Themes, instrumentation, and vocal decay is stretched out even more dramatically by this mysterious band of outsiders. Genres bleed into each other and smear reality as elements of drone, doom, neo-folk, and black metal deliver a harrowing and somber reality of loss and emptiness. Silence weaves in and out of vocal arrangements, violas, and guitars creating unease throughout the entire listening experience. Four new pieces, plus an extra bonus track of “Amnesia,” originally released as a one-sided LP in 2010. One time edition of 150 copies.

Cat. number: none
Year: 2013

Co-release between Caribou People and Italian imprint La délirante. Hand printed metallic gold courtesy of Ape do Good Printing SF. Extremely limited edition of 150.

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CD | €12.00
Vinyl LP | €15.90

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