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The Misz

Eddy Merckz

Label: OnderStroom Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

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Beside the usual noise- and experimental-projects there were also great new-wave-bands like The Misz. Eddy Merckz is a good example for the extreme high quality of the 80′s cassette-culture-scene. Their very catchy sound is comparable to early Virgin Prunes with some more pop-appeal; fine harmonies and male/female singer made this band to remarkable milestone in european new-wave, although they unfortunately never reached a bigger audience. And “Eddy Merckz” is in my eyes their best work: politics and music found together…”

Released in an edition of 300 Lps. Includes a doublesided insert. The first 69 copies will include a yellow printed insert with a picture of Belgians greatest cycler Eddy Merckz.

Cat. number: OS02
Year: 2010

Released in an edition of 300 Lps. First 69 come with a yellow screenprinted Eddy Merckz.

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