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Piero Umiliani

Effetti Musicali

Label: Cinedelic

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Effetti Musicali is a 1968 Piero Umiliani homemade album that exposes his art and his versatility. Listening to this album seems to show him among his keyboards and other implements to overlap sounds and create situations with no outside producer influence, in full artistic freedom. The result is an experimental psychedelic electro-acoustic album. From the original Umiliani family master tapes. Limited edition of 500 copies in a glossy cover.

We all love a bit of Umiliani, and here on this exceptionally rare recording (for his own label) he’s wearing his weirdo hat. It’s orchestral, challenging, experimental and sometimes absolutely beautiful (listen to Oriente Misterioso). This is a strange peak in the underground world of peculiar library music. Jonny Trunk ( Vice / Record Collector / Mojo UK)




Track list: 
Side A:
A1 Percussioni In Crescendo A2 Aque Chiare A3 Apparizione A4 Aspetti Orientali A5 Operazione Al Cuore A6 Momento Ritmico A7 Oriente Misterioso A8 Spettri 

Side B:
B1 Ballata Metafisica B2 Divertimento Metafisico B3 Cantata Metafisica B4 Preludio Metafisico B5 Gabbiani Metafisici B6 Motore E Ioni B7 Giochi Di Nuvole B8 Marea Montante B9 Risveglio Di Cratere B10 Correnti Aeree B11 Corature Per Pianoforte B12 Pulsazioni B13 Ambiente Laboratorio Atomico

Cat. number: CNLP44
Year: 2016

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