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Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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The debut album by this multinational outfit, originally released by Wergo in 1971. A groundbreaking fusion of diverse sources and traditions: from ancient and medieval to avant garde, free improvisation or eastern meditation. A unique mixture that will blossom in their follow up And The Waters Opened. With Roberto Detree (guitar, motocello), Peter-Michael Hamel (piano, organ), Robert Eliscu (oboe, vocal), Cotch Black (percussion), Ulrich Stranz (viola) plus a young James Galway on flute." With 4-page insert.

Between formed in Munich around two classically trained musicians—minimalist maestro Peter Michael Hamel and Popul Voh oboist/inventor Robert Eliscu—and Roberto C. Détrée, an Argentine bossa nova guitarist. Taking in a future superflautist and two African-American jazz percussionists, Between forged from their diverse musical backgrounds a strange beast. Relying on classical Western instruments, they created avant-garde improvisational music with a wholly Eastern sensibility. They used distorted piano and organ instead of synthesizers and Eliscu's robotic single-stringed motocello to make acoustic kosmische hum.

Cat. number: LPS 080LP
Year: 2010

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