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Etudes (excerpt)
Etudes (excerpt)

Roger Tellier Craig


Label: Second Editions

Format: CD

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Second Editions presents Études by Roger Tellier-Craig. This CD holds four new compositions conceived by Roger Tellier-Craig during his studies at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal. Merging subject into object, opposing chance to narrative, putting source against sound. Tellier-Craig constructs and simultaneously questions the relation of composition and/as deconstruction. These pieces, or studies, are as much about organization as they are about irruption, or attention and idleness. Seeking to configure tensions through the use of differences, creating an extensive network of relationships between differing sonic phenomena. Time and sound coherent and in contrast in an acoustic space. But this goes beyond homage, and has nothing to do with electroacoustic nostalgia. These pieces carry a present-day urgency. What does it mean to utilize, to arrange, to listen? Edition of 300.

Cat. number: SE 008CD
Year: 2020
Genre: Electronic
File under: computer music