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best of 2019
IsoMonads - excerpt 1
IsoMonads - excerpt 2
IsoMonads - excerpt 3
best of 2019



Label: Private

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Killer. edition of 50 copies. “For every un-universe, then, an un-philosophy that must also negate itself.” ― Eugene Thacker - Jarra’s artistic exploration started with painting abstract artworks in which he aimed to minimise his part as a painter. The technical approach, craftsmanship and the concentration devoted to this process should define the artwork in its final state. Jarra’s perspective on sound has been in a similar way when he started with field recordings in the late '90s. He consequently aimed to reduce his intervention as a recorder. In 2002 Sama 1 and Sama 2 were released on CD by Dale Lloyd’s and/OAR and re-released in 2019.
With IsoMonads, made with analog synthesizers, Jarra elaborates on his earlier work in sound. The result is an unmastered, unaltered composition bordering a non-composition. The depth of the sounds in IsoMonads invites you to take an everlasting dive into an undefined world. A world in which we maybe could have a sense of sound, existing for us, with us, but maybe even more without us?

Essential listening for followers of Roland Kayn, Jaap Vink, Deathprod

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