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There’s nothing better than producing sounds

Label: Private

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

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This album is Gianluca Codeghini's return to his origins, and the 14 tracks were recorded after long improvisation sessions which inspired each musician with unpredictable scores, visual stimuli and stories. The starting point is "Coffee-table book" (2011), a collection of quatrains by Alessandro Broggi published by Transeuropa edizioni, and the poet actively collaborated in the composition of a few tracks and in the production phase.
The sequence of the tracks lines up the rhythmic structures to the digital cuts, noise ambients and arrangements for wind instruments. The resulting sounds are at times de-constructed, frenetic, surprising, raw but also melancholy, thanks to the experience of musicians like Paolo Romano (prepared double bass), Nicola di Caprio (drums, percussions and objects), Federica Maglioni (voice, bassoon, prepared piano), Rocco Lomonaco (guitar), Francesca Petrolo (trombone) and Gianluca Codeghini (electronics, sampling, trumpet).

The psychotic architecture of the pieces hints at something else, the sound event seems to belong to a bare, hypnotic type of jazz, at times enhanced by continuous variations, which evoke moments of flowing research from its roots in the industrial, minimal and afro sound.
This electro-acoustic project is fierce but also ironic, to listen to again and again until you begin to doubt whether you listened to something else or whether you never really listened to it at all.

codeghini  cd


Cat. number: gc001cd
Year: 2011

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