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How's this for a threesome; in the red corner we have Christian Marclay with a box of records and his trusty turntables, in the blue corner it's twinkle-toes Yasunao Tone and his prepared CD's and players, whilst in the, erm, green corner stands Christian Wolff and his one man band of bass, percussive stuff, radio-cassette recorder and melodica. FIGHT! Recorded live way-back-when in 1998 as improvised accompaniment to a Merce Cunningham Dance Company performance, 'Event' is a single 50 minute piece which sees the performers involved in an aural tug-of-war in which we are the ultimate winner. At times suffocatingly intense, before breaking free with glowing strings and carpel-tunnel scratching, 'Event' is an intriguing recording that twists and turns in a manner that guarantees it will infuriate as many as it will delight.
Cat. number: ASP 2032
Year: 2005