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Everyone Is Not Alive


Format: Vinyl LP

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Reissued limited edition 2 color vinyl of Touch People's debut album from 2 years ago (originally on The Faint's blank.wav imprint). Darren Keen, aka Touch People, records guitars, drums, bass, and keyboards, and then assembles via experimental/modern production that is both visceral and cerebral. The resulting sound bears resemblance to Steve Reich, Battles, Dan Deacon, and Tortoise.
Cat. number: IA 125LP
Year: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Limited to 500 copies. Touch People believe something better is possible. This music was made by everyone, for no one. There are songs, but there is no band here. By accepting, rejecting, or not knowing about Touch People, you are still taking part, because you touch people every day, with every action. There will be no king of the scene because there is no scene and we are all too good for the throne anyway. Mock it, laugh at it, but know you are loved and welcome to take part in it, whenever you'd like.