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File under: free improvisation


Food for Thought (Book)

Label: Dropa Disc

Format: Book

Genre: Jazz

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**Edition of 200** Texts by Joshua Abrams, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jim Sauter, Mike Watt, Guy Peters, Mette Rasmussen, Dave Rempis, Bruce Ackley, Sandrine Verstraete, Laurens Smet, Ken Vandermark, Koen Vandenhoudt. The idea for this publication started with a request made by photographer, reviewer and overall music enthusiast Hans van der Linden to document the Oorstof series behind the scenes for a whole year. In addition to his unique photographic impressions, we asked graphic designer Marijke Loozen to provide the lay-out and design of the book. Some of the artists, reviewers and volunteers involved were asked to reflect on their experience with the Oorstof series. The results were often surprising and turned out to be very personal and encouraging. Their contributions focus on the community building, the homemade food, the feeling of being at home away from home and on the general vibe that makes Oorstof the unique series it is.

Photography & Idea: Hans van der Linden
Graphic Design: Marijke Loozen
Produced by: Soundin Motion vzw
Executive Producers: Christel Kumpen & Koen Vandenhoudt

Cat. number: #006
Year: 2019

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