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Pip Chodorov

Free Radicals

Label: RE : VOIR

Format: DVD

Genre: Experimental

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A documentary film by Pip Chodorov on the history of experimental film.  Includes a 56 page book on the film.  a film that shines with its cast: Hans Richter, Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, Maurice Lemaitre and other “star” experimental filmmakers (mostly americans, up through the ‘70s) parade in majesty. They do so with no false modesty (their candidness and confidence are rather surprising, sometimes humorous), and with a clear pleasure at having their turn in front of the camera, to be projected and listened to.

Named after the Len Lye's landmark experimental film of dancing lines and marks scratched into the emulsion, "Free Radicals" gives an informative and accessible introduction into the world of avant-garde cinema. Unlike the MTV-ADD montage barrage that characterizes so many contemporary documentaries, the film does not hesitate to show extended clips of the actual films by the artists, immersing the viewer in their unique visual worlds and perspectives.

Filmmaker and film activist Pip Chodorov studied film semiotics at the University of Paris. In 1994, he founded the distribution company Re:Voir for the edition of historical and contemporary experimental films. In 2005, he also founded The Film Gallery -- the only gallery devoted exclusively to experimental film artists. He is a co-founder of L'Abominable, a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab in Paris. His own films range from animation to film diary.

Cat. number: REVV 130816001
Year: 2015