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Charlemagne Palestine, Anne Maregiano

Charlemagne Palestine, The golden sound

Label: RE : VOIR

Format: Book+DVD

Genre: Experimental

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**restocked**mAnne Maregiano's documentary about Charlemagne Palestine, The Golden Sound (2011), allows the artist to tell his own story while putting his music and performance, in long, unedited takes, at the centre of the film…Born in New York City, composer, performer, and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine was a contemporary of Steve Reich and Phillip Glass in the avantgarde classical music scene of the 1960s and 1970s. On stages filled with his own home-made stuffed animals, Palestine performs his trance-like strumming music. He is often referred to as a minimal composer, but rejects that in favour of "maximalism". Michael Garrad

In English with French subtitles

Bonus Films:
The Red Suitcase by Anne Maregiano (10') © Atopic - Anne Maregiano 2011
Body Music by Charlemagne Palestine (12'54") © Charlemagne Palestine 1975
Charlemagne 2 : Piltzer by Pip Chodorov (22') © Pip Chodorov 2002
Sound Recording: March 7, 1975 by Charlemagne Palestine (59'56'') © Charlemagne Palestine, Alga Marghen (2003)

Book (44 pages)
Textes written by Ingram Marshall, Roland Spekle, Pip Chodorov and Anne Maregiano
Photos by Kathleen Agnoli, Elaine Hartnett, James Lapine, Charlemagne Palestine

Cat. number: REVV 130816001
Year: 2013

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