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Henry Flynt

Glissando n.1


Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Restocked “A trance-tape piece, constituting the entirety of the genre called Illuminatory Sound Environment, composed in the 70s in response to Catherine Christer Hennix’s “Electric Harpsichord. ” John Berdnt’s enthralling liner notes explain ISE as “an unfurling sound field of overwhelming but far from gratuitous sensuality, a highly “tuned” texture where all of the aspects are coordinated to make a deeply unusual “whole”, a new kind of perceptual gestalt... The piece has a disorienting flow that does something strange to “time.” Its internal structural logic is fascinating but lacks the distraction of an obvious narrative drama—an eternal sound, implying a potentially endless process... Glissando No. 1 is perhaps the darkest and most feverish expression of the genre, its massed strings and continual timbral transformations covering both a broad audio spectrum and saturating all points in the stereo field with a hallucinogenic and emotive canopy. Companion track “Stereo Piano” from 1978, performed by Hennix, is also included (her “billowing cloud” piano technique applied to a scale of Flynt’s, subsequently layered by Flynt himself). With sixteen-page booklet.” label info
Cat. number: rec 025
Year: 2011