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Henry Flynt

Back porch hillbilly blues vol. 2


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Folk

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LP version. Avant-hillbilly master fiddler Henry Flynt scuffles through a most peculiar set of electrified and acoustic bumpkin fiddle howls and screeches circa early to mid 1960s. From the enviable opening 'echo rock', in which Flynt does his best to compete with the electro-echo buzz of a Jorgen Ingmann or Link Wray to the beauteous instrumental glow of the extended modal country jam of 'Jamboree', Flynt proves once again that his is not a music simply rooted in the taut belt of New York isms, schisms and jisms. This is music that howls from a unique voice whose love for the folk songbook (known and imagined) is as resonant as a cowbell and as deep as a freshwater well.

Cat. number: Locust 14Lp
Year: 2009