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Worldfood VII - excerpt
Worldfood XII - excerpt

Ramon Sender



Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Worldfood is a wild, psychedelic warble & drone of looped, overlayed tape pieces produced by 'goosing' an ampex tape player with a computer calibration device. The resulting two pieces -- 'Worldfood vii (To See With my Eyes)' and 'WorldfoodXii' -- both part of a number of variations in a series -- make for gorgeous, careening sungazing music. Leave your glasses behind. Ramon Sender is a legendary figure in the Bay Area scene -- first paving the way for the San Francisco Tape Center with Morton Subotnick ( Silver Apples of the Moon ) and Pauline Oliveiros at the dawn of the 1960s where the stunningly out pieces on this disc happened. In subsequent years, he played an active role with the San Francisco Diggers -- the anarchist guerilla street theater group that challenged the emerging Counterculture --and co-founded the legendary Morningstar Ranch Commune in Sonoma County. Worldfood is the first in an ongoing series of archival discs to come from Ramon Sender 's exceptional vaults.

Cat. number: Locust 55
Year: 2004

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