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Ramon Sender

Desert ambulance


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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this is an album from none other than recently rediscovered early electronics guru Ramon Sender. After last year’s critically revered ‘Wormfood’ album also on Locust, this is yet another slice of otherworldly musical brain candy. Side A, entitled ‘Kore’ is an expertly made journey into tape music, reminiscent of Delia Derbyshire’s work for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (as heard in the recent Mute reissuses of the Doctor Who compilations) and also the work of Morton Subotnick and Pauline Oliveros whom he worked along side with on many occasions. Towards the end of this track we also enter a Sun-Ra style realm of playful Moog experimentations, a must listen for any of you pysch/space jazz heads. Side B however is the true gem, the long awaited re-issue of Sender’s best known work ‘Desert Ambulance’ from 1964. This track was dedicated Oliveros, who also makes an appearance playing accordion (heavily processed of course) and it is certainly worth the long wait it has taken for it to reappear. A totally essential history lesson for all of you who had their fancies tickled by the OHM box set, this is a wonderfully respectful release from Locust and the music sounds great on vinyl (a superb pressing I might add). Wistful, moving, spiritual and totally enveloping – grab this before it disappears again forever, it is limited to only 500 copies worldwide! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for Locust to bring us more early electronic classics in the near future

"A vehicle of mercy sent out into the wasteland of academic modern music" - ramon sender
Here we have a gem for fans of early electronic music, sound art, & fluxus antics. Desert Ambulance is another dip into the playfully enigmatic tom foolery of senor Sender following last year's acclaimed droner Worldfood.
Kore' (1962, dedicated to his daughter Xaverie, 1955-1989) is another classic unearthing of squiggly & eerie tape manipulation cut in the small attic studio Ramon put together at the Tape Music Center in 1962. Side B is the long anticipated release of his best known work - 1964's Desert Ambulance - composed for Pauline Oliveiros.
Strictly limited edition vinyl only release w/ hand pasted covers boasting a still from Tony Martin's visual abstract projections from the Desert Ambulance performance.
In those pre-Buchla Box days, we cobbled together whatever odd bits of equipment we could beg, borrow, steal and occasionally buy to coax whatever squeaks and chirps or sequences of noises we could from their complaining depths.' -- Ramon Sender .
Cat. number: Locust 70
Year: 2008

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