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God In Three Persons - excerpt 1
God In Three Persons - excerpt 2
God In Three Persons - excerpt 3
God In Three Persons - excerpt 4
File under: Experimental

The Residents

God In Three Persons - Preserved Edition (3CD)

Label: New Ralph Too

Format: CDx3

Genre: Electronic

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Formed in the early 1970s, The Residents have been charting a unique path through the musical landscape for almost fifty years. From far-out, experimental recordings to highly conceptual, innovative multi-platform projects, the band refuses to stand still, and continues to move in several different directions at once.
Produced with The Cryptic Corporation using archival tapes supplied by the group themselves, this package explores and expands the classic 1988 album, which saw The Residents work for the first time in an extended narrative form, enabled by the advent of the CD in the mid-late 1980s. God In Three Persons explores the obsessive, toxic but ultimately loving relationship between the narrator, Mr. X, and a pair of conjoined twins - this set includes full lyrics, previously unheard demos, live recordings, and an extended 23 minute piece previously unknown to fans and long forgotten by The Residents themselves. Remastered, expanded, and preserved for future generations - this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them, and the latest in a series of archival reissues that will continue throughout 2019 and beyond.

File under: Experimental
Cat. number: NRT013
Year: 2019