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jean hoyoux

III Hymne (Lp)
€ 25.00
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jean hoyoux - III Hymne (Lp)

jean hoyoux

III Hymne (Lp)

€ 25.00

LABEL: Cortizona
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. cortizona 002 | YEAR. (2019)

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First time LP reissue from the original 1985 master tapes on 180gr vinyl. Including liner notes. On 'III Hymne' Jean Hoyoux further explores the electronic instruments he also used on 'Planètes' which results in a marvelous album that in some way connects the dots between ambient, library, cosmic and spiritual music. Two years after his debut double LP 'Planètes' Jean Hoyoux recorded three new compositions in the home build studio, Madame Bois. In his later published book 'Noos, la naissance à l'esprit' Hoyoux described the recording of 'III Hymne' as follows: 'Power of being’ my fingers are wreathed with violets and blues. Sounds emerge from them, called by something unknown to me. Joyful forces embrace me. I am both listener and musician. The rising melodies come forth from some unknown universe, vibrating to some unknown world. E Minor, C Minor, G Minor: harmonies of the awareness inside. The third hymn.'

The original record was issued on Crets, or 'Centre du Recherche et d'Etudes' in 1985 and now, 33 years later, re-released for the first time on Cortizona.

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