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Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Split LP. Two pieces: 'Immer-sound' by Bernard Parmegiani. 'Transparency' by Philip Samartzis. 'To become immersed in sound, what could be more pleasant? Diving underwater where fish glide across your eyes, signs of a random visual score, mute but shimmering. However, as fish are not the sea, sounds are not music. They are only components within a specific order; random for some, composed for others. Both circulate in their own space. Without them, all life seems to be forgotten. The space to exist needs markers. The lack of visual or sonic elements could be unbearable during life, unless this external emptiness assists in the creation of one inside yourself. Therefore the sound markers' relativity to the space that I have selected constitute Immer-sound; explosions, flow, microsounds, rhythmic patterns... some of them have their own trajectory. Heard on one speaker this trajectory may be perceptible, however it becomes more apparent if the sound evolves between multiple speakers. To be immersed in sound, above all, is the movement from hearing to listening.' Bernard Parmegiani. 'Transparency was originally recorded and presented as a sixteen-channel sound installation at Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris (3-8 July 2001). The stereo mix that appears on this record was especially prepared for surround sound diffusion at Immersion 2.' Philip Samartzis
Cat. number: syn 003
Year: 2008

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