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In Trux We Pux 02 - Excerpt 1
In Trux We Pux 02 - Excerpt 2

Desilusão Óptica

In Trux We Pux 02 (LP)

Label: Favela Disco

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental



In Trux We Pux is a compilation conducted by Favela Discos, that seeks to register and expose a series of sound tendencies and collaborative practices that have been developing in the experimental music scene of Porto. The music included in this volume was created from a Favela Discos’ collective audiovisual piece named “Desilusão Óptica”, resorting to recordings made in Stop and in the Serralves em Festa 2017 presentation. David Machado - flute, saxophone, guitar. Dora Vieira - flute, flugelhorn, percussion. João Sarnadas - effects, harmonium, dubmaster. Nuno Loureiro - sampler. Nuno Oliveira - flute, clarinet, guitar. Tito Silva - flute, trumpet, drums. Xavier Paes - flute, percussion. Editing and Mixing - João Sarnadas. Mastering - Rafael Silver. Photography - Inês Castanheira. Graphic Design - Rita Sá Couto.

Cat. number: 02
Year: 2020