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Aaron Moore, Erik Skodvin

Instead Of Rain I Bring A Hat (Lp)

Label: Hands In The Dark

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Instead of rain I bring a hat is a long-distance collaboration between the UK’s Aaron Moore (Volcano The Bear, Gospel Of Mars, duo with Alan Courtis) and Norwegian Erik K Skodvin (Svarte Greiner, Deaf Center, B/B/S). It developed gently, taking its full form over the space of nearly 6 years.

The project began with e-mail exchanges of fragmented sounds and ideas – on the piano, cello, drums, harp, vocals, homemade and electronic instruments. Their experimental correspondence eventually blossomed and grew into an exquisite, fully-fledged album of brooding cinematic compositions. Through 7 songs, Moore and Skodvin lead us through complex, haunted, minimalistic pieces. They are surreal, sonically fascinating and deeply moving. A very special and original album in both its conception and result – definitely one of a kind in the HITD discography.
Cat. number: HITD 040
Year: 2018

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