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Introduction to an Apology - Excerpt 1
Introduction to an Apology - Excerpt 2

Jason Calhoun

Introduction to an Apology (LP)

Label: Florabelle Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic



**  Limited to 100 LPs, comes with a two-sided insert and download code ** The hallmark of Jason Calhoun's music--either under his given name or under the naps alias--is an emotional resonance that allows fragility and perseverance to occupy the same space. Though humble in his approach, calhoun has done something quietly extraordinary in building a body of work that, unlike so much music that seeks to transport you elsewhere, instead asks you to check in with yourself. Recent cassette releases have found him pushing composition lengths to 20 or even 30 minutes; for his first LP, introduction to an apology, he has done the opposite, bringing a sense of concision and focus to this collection of pieces, with every moment material. 

Those familiar with Calhoun's music will recognize the gentle purrs of melody here, the restless hiss of seeking connections, and the evocation of people and places that feels especially meaningful in the context of the pandemic. Some tracks are postcard-like in their brevity and sense of tidings, while others shift the listener into a denser headspace, generously allowing for more sustained reflection. From its yawning opening tones to its final, outstretched moments, this is an album that invites gratitude and grace.

Cat. number: FLOR007
Year: 2021

Mastered by A.F. Jones.

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