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Richard B. Lewis



Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 200 * Richard B. Lewis is a guitarist who has been active in the Italian punk/rock scene for several years now. Black Dolls, Anarcotici, In my June, are just some of the bands he has been part of from the '90s to the present. In 2016 he decided to launch a solo career, in his personal quest for folk and psychedelic rock sounds. He performed his first album, "City of Souls", on several dates in Italy and abroad. In 2018 the album was followed by a new EP, "Lies". Around the same time he met Fabio Zigante and collaborated with him on various new projects: Miss XoX, El Funeral De Kocis, XX Century Zorro. In the meantime he continued to explore new sounds zones and conceived "Introspect", an album completely produced in Home Recording and definitely different from his previous efforts. With this new work he desires to take experimental sounds to the extreme and lead the listeners on an introspective path, in the most hidden places of their minds.

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Year: 2020

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