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La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 1
La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 2
La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 3
La Langue de l'Ophiolite - Excerpt 4

Bjarke Rasmussen

Introvert Musik (LP)

Label: Eastern Nurseries

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Eastern Nurseries is proud to bring you its first vinyl release, a reissue of "Introvert Musik" by Copenhagen resident and multi-instrumentalist, Bjarke Rasmussen. Curator of the excellent Infinite Waves imprint and working often under his Grøn alias, Rasmussen’s body of work sets to explore composition through means of repetition and minimal instrumentation. Composed for cello and grand piano and intended as a study on spatial ambience, “Introvert Musik” was recorded as part of a number of sessions at Blågård Church in Copenhagen last Spring and self-released by the artist on cassette shortly after. A patient reflection of the space and time of the recording itself, all eight pieces encompass the architecture of the room with finesse, painting a beautifully sparse picture of the interactions between performer, listener and location. It is music for shared imaginary spaces, of memory and communion - contemporary human music at heart.

Cat. number: EN16
Year: 2020

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