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Gareth Dickson

Invisible String

Label: Sleeping Man Record

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Invisible String is a collection of live recordings made by Gareth Dickson on his solo odyssey around Europe in 2012. From the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, to a rooftop in Paris overlooking the Sacre Couer, by way of a slightly less glamorous stairwell in Caen, this relentless travelling and performing allowed Gareth to hone his art to its summit, and resulted in a bewitching batch of live performances. Brought to you here, to move your soul in the comfort of your own little kingdom. As the azure strait in Istanbul has its edges in two different worlds, so Dickson’s music spans two musical continents also. This is music which belongs partly to the centuries old craft of playing an instrument, with all of the intricacy, spontaneity and happy accident which that allows; but it is also infused with the sounds of the electronic revolution: synthesized, tribal, abstract sounds that temporarily overturned an aeon of vibrating strings and gave us an entirely new world to find ourselves lost in. Dickson deftly blends analogue delay and reverb with his steel string guitar to create a completely unique, ghostly, rhythmic sound which has proven to be flexible enough to allow him to absorb many musical styles - from classical, through folk to electro and beyond in a completely coherent unified style where the borders are invisible. Carefully recorded on the road, the sound quality here is as enchanting as any of Dickson’s existing recordings, if not more so. There is perhaps, though, an even greater immediacy and focus to the playing as a result of the mystical connection which exists between audience and performer when things go right, as they most definitely have done here. In addition to his solo output Dickson has recorded and toured extensively world wide at the invitation of cult legends Vashti Bunyan and Juana Molina. He has a steadily growing international audience and is well known and recognised by his musical peers and other artists. Counting Ian Rankin and Kirsty Mitchell as fans, and with the most respected music publications aiming to surpass each other in their praise for his work, this innovative new artist has now arrived..

Cat. number: smrcd 05
Year: 2014

Invisible String was recorded in 2012 during various tours and one-off concerts in Europe. Most of the tracks have been taken Recorded live in Caen, France; Reims, France & Istanbul, Turkey in 2012.
Cara, Day & Night and La Bamba recorded at home by Gareth.
All compositions written by Gareth Dickson except “Nunca Jamas” by Don Atahualpa Yupanqui.
Mastered By Taylor Dupree at 12k.
Artwork by Simon Kenny.
Art direction & design by Mariano Hernán Spina/Unwork, Inc.